Cultural Exhibits and Demonstrations

At the Quinlan Center, get your hands-on experience with a variety of arts and crafts or simply enjoy and browse through the exhibitions of classic and professional pieces.

New crafts this year on the Senior Center (Japanese Pavilion) Deck!  On Saturday you can try your hand at making a Koi Fish Kite or Drink Coasters made from authentic Tatami Mat material and learn about the Japanese customs and craft behind these items, priced at $5, and on Sunday you can enjoy making a complementary Hachi Maki Japanese style headband

Shiba Inu and Koi are located at the back of Quilan Center building and the Hachimaki demo is at the Japanese Pavilion.

Look for the tented booths in the back of Quinlan Center.  Shiba Inu and Akita dog owners are welcome to bring your own.

Presented by the Shiba Inu Fanciers of Northern California

Koi Fish Exhibit and Information

Behind the Quinlan Center on the end of the courtyard, you will find a pool filled with koi fish with a variety of colors and markings.  Come learn more about this beautiful fish and how to take care of them.

Bonsai 盆栽

Miniature trees and plants.  Ongoing demonstration from Midori Bonsai Club - John Thompson, President.

Ikebana 池坊生け花

Flower arrangement.  

By Ikenobo Ikebana Society of America, Yoshiko LeSage.

Hands-on Craft

Ongoing activity booth that welcome children to try various Japanese classic arts

By Sora Classic Arts, Taka Nakauchi.

Northen California Japanese Sword Club 北加日本刀剣同好会

Sean Sweeny

De Anza Student Art Work Exhibits

A collaborative art work - Presented by the City of Cupertino Fine Arts Commission

Diana Argabrite, Director, Arts & Schools   De Anza College Euphrat Museum of Art

Suiseki 水石

Scenic Rocks display - Presented by Kashu Suiseki Kai

The ” Kashu Suiseki Kai" club is known to be the first Suiseki club in the United States. Located in Palo Alto, CA., the club was started in 1964 by Mr. Keiseki Hirotsu.  They are also the 2009 Cherry Blossom Festival's Featured Artist Group.

Sumi-e 墨絵

Traditional monochrome brush painting - An on-going demonstration and activity

Presented by Ami Wade and students

Washi Ningyo 和紙人形

Japanese Paper Doll

Presented by Rochelle Lum

Nihon Shishu 日本刺繍

Japanese Embroidery - An ongoing demonstration

Presented by Lynda Fu

Origami 折り紙

Paper folding - An on-going demonstration and activity for all

Presented by the San Francisco Origami Club


This year (2019) the Hachimaki will be located on the outside deck of the Japanese Pavilion (Senior Center building).  Sunday Only.

Headband design and stamping - An on-going activity

Presented by the Cupertino Toyokawa Sister Cities

Soroban 算盤

Sunday only

Abacus - An on-going demonstration and activity

Presented by Yumi Blohm

Shodo 書道

Japanese Calligraphy

Student work display and on-going activity

Presented by Yukiko Tanaka

Ikebana 和風会生け花

Flower Arrangement

Presented by Fusako Hoyrup,  Wafu School of Ikebana.

Japanese Doll Display 真多呂人形

Kamigamo Style Mataro Kimekomi Doll Miyabi Kai, northern California Shibu,

Masanori (Isako) Wasano - Instructor

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