Connie Dunham

Connie Dunham

In the early 1980’s, Mr. and Mrs. Shuji Tamura. of Japan began a series of visits to the United States to introduce Nihon Shishu, Traditional Japanese Embroidery to the U.S. The Tamura’s are members of Kurenai Kai, a school where the tradition of Japanese embroidery is passed on and the creative process is both broadened and deepened. Nihon Shishu uses silk fabrics with silk and metal threads in their embroidery. In 1985 Connie attended one of their classes in New York, and she was smitten with the beauty of the embroidery.

Eventually the Tamura’s relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. The year 1991 saw the establishment of the Japanese Embroidery Center – Kurenai-Kai, Ltd ., a nonprofit, educational organization, in Atlanta, Georgia. Connie made frequent trips to Atlanta, and after completing many classes and pieces of embroidery; she received her certification as a teacher.

She continues to study in Atlanta and to teach, but the real joy is in the embroidery itself. She feels honored to exhibit her work at the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival over the many years.

Japanese Embroidery Center, USA

2727 Spalding Drive

Atlanta, GA 30350

(English & Japanese site) http://www.japaneseembroidery.com

Kurenai Kai, Japan